eMSP Modules & Features

As an Electric Mobility Service Provider (eMSP) Grape provides customized solutions for IT development needs

Features & Solutions

enabling a seamless EV Charging User Experience. We create unique solutions for specific business needs.

  • Standard Protocol - Integration with multiple CPO providers
  • Custom Mobile App development
  • Custom Payment Providers - Roaming
  • Electric Invoicing, RFID + VAT
  • Data Analytics / Power BI
  • Customer Portal + B2C App
  • Strong UX / User Friendly
  • Administrative - Realtime Dashboard
  • GDPR compliance
  • Vouchers & Discounts
 electric vehicle charging software - Grape

Live Charger Info

Status & History

Use Filters to search for specific parameters such as: Connector type, free charging, paid parking, location, loyalty discounts and more. Start charging with connector details, RFID and follow the progress with live timer and pricing details. Currently we are developing charger reservation, parking sensors and additional discounting systems for the most loyal customers.

ev charger

Increased End-User Satisfaction

Increased loyalty Vouchers & Coupons Flawless Design and UX

4,8 average rationg across app stores


average rating across app stores

User Features

  • Easy evaluation of stations (like/dislike)
  • Live Status Check & Booking
  • Review upload
  • Report incorrect or missing charger data
  • Submit new charging station
  • Add image to charger
electric vehicle charging station - Mobile application


Payment & Invoicing

Our Dept management system allows tracking and notification of overdue payments due to any technical errors (99.96% successful payments). We offer complete monitoring for the successful and unsuccessful transactions including paid and free charging sessions. We support custom invoicing details based on local expectations. We can integrate almost any payment service provider (based on API documentations), some of these are already integrated. Contact us for more info about custom integrations.

payment provider integration - EV

Save Time and Keep you Mobile

The implementation of Physical Keys (RFID) and Virtual Keys allows
you to manage your customers as individuals and as entire fleets
with sharp and live data every moment. Manage your Real Time
Data, with analytics and reporting whenever and wherever you are!


Custom modules Tailored to Specific Business Needs


Download the

Mobiliti Case Study!

As the Proud eMSP and Developer of Mobiliti App in cooperation with NKM Mobilitas and Fortum, we are proud that the Mobile App achieved an average 4,8* rating across App stores.

Download the Case Study for more info.

The Mobiliti integrated e-charging solution includes the entire network of electric car charging stations in Hungary. Its database is detailed, up-to-date and constantly updated. It can be used without an internet connection after downloading the current database version. The community-based rating system allows users to share their station experiences immediately.

Tamás Binder

NKM Mobilitas


ev charging solution

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