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Comprehensive CRM and Marketing Automation Software

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Omnichannel platform for all communication activities

Powerful tool to engage with customers

Optima provides a combined interface for unified operations of customer services, marketing, sales, and management processes. The platform allows marketers to send personalized offers through several channels (email, push notification, phone, SMS) within the framework of individually created campaigns. 

The platform is available for on-premises or cloud operation to run Optima on your company environment in your selected cloud service. Local installation helps your business easily integrate with existing CRM, marketing, logistics or other communication channels.  

On-premises run provides maximum security and privacy to store clients' personal information in one place without third party software. Some enterprises have strict regulatory requirements for data storage, installing Optima on-premises aligns with these policies.  

Optima also enables your business to reduce communication expenses by integrating existing marketing software into one platform. 

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Focus on customer experience

A powerful CRM and marketing platform that provides transparent management of sales, marketing and call centre tasks, so you can focus on your customers!


Auto-generate reports and Insights

Deep dive into marketing metrics and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of your communication campaign aligned with your goals. 


Automate and grow your business

Eliminate the unnecessary time spent on repetitive marketing tasks by automating them with Optima.


Keep track of your customers, manage your leads smoothly

Import your contacts from different databases and make sure you never miss anyone from the list. Automated contact management makes sure you interact with diverse groups of customers.

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Email marketing

Send targeted messages and increase customer satisfaction

Optima enables unlimited interactions with your customers. Send triggered emails, autoreplies or schedule emails for a specific date. Communicate promotions exactly for the right target segment.

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Service and support

Show your customers what a great service center is

Connect with your customers on different channels and provide personalized customer service for long-time brand loyalty. Our integrated client service tools prevent your company from negative customer experiences.  

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Explore more features of Optima

Turnkey platform for your business to manage communication at one place.

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Are you ready for a better, more productive business?

Stop worrying about technology problems, focus on your business! Let us provide the development you deserve.

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