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Define your target segment

Visual interface for creating target groups, based on any customer data or affinity. Perfect your target audience with Grape’s omnichannel software, Optima and engage specific groups to send them personalized marketing campaigns with the highest user interaction and ROI rates.

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Setup complex campaigns

No multichannel marketing campaigns left unclear for team members. Create communication campaigns, based on any customer database. Manage and delegate campaign tasks in-house or detect outsourced activities. Follow your customer with Optima analytics from the beginning to the end of the campaign.

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Create personalized content for your customers

Send customized emails with just a few clicks, our Drag & Drop builder lets you set up personalized campaigns. Give what your customers want to see, send dynamic content with merge tags based on any contact information you have.

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Generate advanced reports 

Get real-time overview how your campaigns perform. Connect your marketing communication channels to Optima and visualize your data on dashboards and reports in just a few clicks. Receive future predictions to create cutting edge marketing campaigns that beat your competitors’. Excel Pivot based Power BI report is also available for multi-threading data processing.

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Integrate Active Directory

Manage your team members standalone or integrate Active Directory. Grape Optima is among that few marketing software that enable syncs with Active Directory user management. 

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What's more

  • Tailor Optima to your company brand 
  • See dynamic organization structure 
  • Create permissions for certain groups 
  • Create rules for contacts Use scoring system to evaluate contacts 
  • Create campaigns based on customer affinity 
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