Crayon Hungary and Grape Solutions announce strategic collaboration agreement

Grape Solutions Plc., a leading software development company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, announces a long-term strategic partnership with Crayon Hungary, a leader in IT consulting services headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

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Recording online meter readings is available for ALTEO customers

In an open procedure, Grape Solutions Plc. won the tender for developing an online customer platform, announced by ALTEO Energy Services Plc. in June 2022. In addition to the application development, the winning company will provide additional support services. 

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Hungarian development makes electric vehicle charging seamless in the Czech Republic

Grape Solutions and MVM Mobiliti partner with Innogy CZ, a leading Energy & Utility company in the Czech Republic to enable effortless and convenient electric car charging for Czech motorists. The development was carried out in cross-border cooperation between three companies of the MVM Group.

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Crises make IT outsourcing even more relevant

In today's digital world, IT outsourcing is an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes. In the post-pandemic era, where we're facing the next wave of economic crises, the massive potential of IT outsourcing is an existing phenomenon.

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Crucial e-mobility opportunities during the energy crisis

Unsurprisingly, every market segment is concerned about the current energy crisis, but similar to past situations, it also ensures new aspects where we can develop how we live and operate businesses. E-mobility is closely involved among those solutions providing a quickly usable answer for the...

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The essential role of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Lean Management

Even if we live in a world where change is crucial for next-level developments, standardization is still necessary to save the customary quality of products or services. Lean management focuses on providing the highest quality of outputs with the lowest failure rate. It is precisely why RPA robots...

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Grape Team

Life at Grape Solutions: an interview with our Senior Sales Consultant, Sándor Kerekes

Sándor is a member of our sales team and responsible for developing new partnerships and ensuring the digital transformation of our existing clients in the domestic and international markets. We asked him to tell us about his weekdays at Grape and what a senior sales consultant's day looks like.

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Life at Grape Solutions: an interview with our Technical Team Lead, Tamás Szádvári

Tamás is the technology team leader of our mobile app development team, who has led projects to success such as AgoraPay and AxFina apps. We asked him to tell us about his weekdays at Grape, what a TTL's day looks like.

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Life at Grape Solutions: an interview with our Recruiting Consultant, Patrícia Volkov

Patrícia is a key member of our HR team, helping us and our partners find the perfect person for the given software development task. We asked her to tell us more about her weekdays at Grape, what a day in the life of an experienced recruitment consultant looks like.

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