Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digitalize and automate your rule-based business processes with the use of software robots. Increase customer satisfaction and make your employees more productive.

Save Time and Keep you Mobile

The current digital revolution changes the way how corporations view the role of human workers. Robots are used across various business segments to help business leaders address global challenges on a timely manner.

Increase your employee satisfaction with help of Robotic Process Automation by reducing their repetitive tasks.

robotic process automation

What is robotic process automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of a software, without the need of enterprise infrastructure, that has machine learning and AI capabilities. Robots can perform and mimic those time-consuming human interactions that are repetitive and comes in high volumes. There is no need to replace existing business applications to introduce RPA as it can be configured to understand certain processes including the ability adapt to continuously changing circumstances. Once the automation processes have been adjusted to the robots, they can communicate with multiple systems and initiate actions based on live human interaction or via automated workflows.

process automation

What processes can be automated by RPA?

RPA solutions are particularly useful for organizations that have multiple and complex systems that need to interact with each other seamlessly. In general, process automation tasks can be transactions, calculations, administration, queries, maintenance of existing business records and even handling customer data such as the ability to track unique identifiers across communication systems that triggers automatic reactions. RPA systems have to ability to understand complex business processes and react in real-time without the need to take unnecessary breaks during its operation.


How Grape Solutions can help you with your Business Process Automation?

Whether you are completely new or have existing understanding about Automation processes, our Grape RPA Consultants can share their best practices with you about their unique combination of expertise in the areas of BPM Process Improvements and RPA. They can assist you with identifying your Key Performance Indicators and ways by which automation processes can be re-designed to have a positive and direct impact on your every-day business operations. Our vast experience with proven methods can address complex perspectives enabling organizations to create center of excellences across various departments.

business process automation

Recommended functions for Business Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation


Administration & Controlling

Digitalization is part of today’s society, optimize your cash conversion, speed up your invoicing, minimize your business risks by enabling your employees to focus on strategic tasks with RPA.


Custom Processes

There are countless possibilities for process automations across multiple industries for customized needs such as: Setting up accounts, BOM Generation, Claims processing, Quality Assurance Automation


Finance & Procurement

Optimize your process efficiencies at your Procurement function, digitalize your processes by bots: Invoice Processing, Purchase Order Automation (PO), Category Management, Contract Management

call center

Contact Center

Prevent administrative errors, empower your customer support agents to provide more reliable services to boost customer satisfaction. Scale up to your client’s needs faster than ever before with RPA.

rpa process automation

Automated Administration with RPA A Video Summary

process automation with rpa

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