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Product management

Managing existing and new products is hassle-free with Avesso. The platform provides ongoing support for the management and maintenance of existing products, transparency and a creative project approach to developing new products. 

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Project management

Our product management solution provides visibility into all active projects and their associated tasks. The project management functionality helps users keep up to date with the current status of concurrent projects running on multiple products, simplifying complex and opaque processes by providing all relevant information and tasks through one platform. 

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Project templates

Avesso provides the possibility to manage existing and new products according to pre-defined values, which the administrator can modify later. The system helps to eliminate unstructured data entry and the recording of ambiguous formulations. 

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Gantt chart, timeline

For easier product management and planning, Avesso provides users with a Gantt chart, making the current status of projects for the product transparent at a glance. 

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Tracking product components in multiple countries

In many cases, the components needed for launch come from abroad; tracking them requires greater precision. Avesso ensures to capture the data needed for efficient management, which can be exported for further use with a single click. Transparent communication increases efficiency between partners, whether they are domestic or foreign suppliers.   

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Automatic reporting

Avesso's interface allows you to automatically generate reports using company and market data, whether it's multi-year forecast modelling or current status of implementation insights. In addition to reports you can also generate a milestone trend analysis, where you can retrospectively view the entire implementation process. 

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