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Managing large amounts of data

With tabular in-memory technology, the system can handle up to 24 TB of data, which is enough space for processing, managing and long-term storage of significant data assets in the enterprise. 

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Real-time data processing

DMPA's interface gives business analysts instant insight into live data trends, so reports and charts always help them make timely decisions. Filters allow analysts to change how data is displayed over time. 

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Multitasking within a team

People with access rights can edit the spreadsheets stored in DMPA at any time, with all changes and additions saved in real-time in the system. 

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Create in-depth analysis

To effectively process your company's data assets, you need reports that provide more detailed, in-depth information for business analysts and decision-makers. The reports generated in DMPA help you gain a deeper understanding of the connections between data.   

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Peer-to-peer sharing

With P2P, sharing reports and spreadsheets generated with DMPA with partners outside your organization who also have a Microsoft Power BI license is possible, enabling more effective communication between companies. 

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