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Comprehensive platform for energy communities

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Energy communities represent a sustainable stride towards the future

The simplest and most flexible way to manage green energy production in one place

Under the European Union’s Renewable Energy Directive, adopted in 2016, energy communities have the right to use and sell energy from renewable sources alongside production. The software developed by Grape Solutions enables energy communities to measure their production or consumption in real time using smart devices.

Grape Solutions’ Ederena platform enables real-time communication and data collection with smart devices (smart meter, solar panel unit, energy storage) for members of the energy community (households, companies, municipalities). Ederena uses Machine Learning to determine the expected production and consumption in advance.

The solution developed for energy communities consists of two interfaces: a platform for customers to see the performance of their assets and settle their debts by credit card through the integrated online payment system, and an admin and control view for service providers, where they have a wide range of functions from remote asset management to customer contract management.

The platform is capable of real-time, two-way communication. It enables simple and fast integration of smart devices with IP addresses from multiple vendors. The framework also has the advantage of being built on existing components, allowing energy communities to save costs and avoid the need to wait for a lengthy development.   

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Unique solution for energy communities

Ederena is a platform for energy communities, where community operators can manage their consumers' energy related tasks in the admin interface.

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Integrated payment and billing solutions

Individual billing details based on regional legislation. Any payment and billing provider can be implemented in the solution for seamless transactions.

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Integration of community specific features

Add additional green, sustainable services like the Montu solution for electric cars, or customized additional measurement functions with our IoT solutions. The system can be further developed to handle energy trading between members.


management interface for administrators

We have developed a complex interface for communities producing and using renewable energy, where all management processes from forecasting expected energy production to setting up automatic billing can be seamlessly performed.

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consumer platform for community members

The community members’ portal provides registered users with timely information on all important information related to renewable energy use, whether it is changes in daily minimum, maximum and average prices or changes in the contract.

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Energy community platform


For municipalities

It is common practice in smaller communities to meet the energy needs of residents by operating community solar parks and energy storage facilities. The members, who can be individuals, businesses or the municipality itself, use the electricity generated in their facilities and supplement their electricity needs from the central grid when needed. The community network can also be used to operate electric car and bus charging points.


For apartments, housing estates

Today, several condominiums have solar farms on the roof of their buildings, so that private electricity can be generated for residents without occupying any space. Primarily, private individuals or offices of registered businesses in the complex benefit from the energy produced, but they have the option to sell the excess energy to utility companies.


For industrial parks

In industrial parks, sufficient space is available for the installation and operation of solar parks, so that the owner of the facility can sell the energy produced at a favourable price to its tenants, who can be private companies, factories, logistics centres, etc.

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