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Comprehensive management interface for administrators

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We have developed a complex interface for communities producing and using renewable energy, where all management processes from forecasting expected energy production to setting up automatic billing can be seamlessly performed. 

With the solution developed by Grape Solutions, energy communities can manage their smart devices, monitor and optimise their energy use through a modern and user-friendly platform, thus contributing to environmentally conscious energy consumption. 

The solution has been enhanced with a learning algorithm that learns the consumption habits of the community to ensure optimal operation and long life of the energy storage. The platform has a number of IoT features, such as automatic signalling of equipment failure, setting automated alarms or generating reports on production and consumption.

User management

The admin functions are only available to invited users, so the energy service provider has the discretion to decide who can access and manage the management interface. As Ederena’s system involves staff working with confidential data such as contracting and logging payment transactions, it is of paramount importance to define a selective admin scope.

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Customer care

The management interface distinguishes between corporate and individual customers, so they are managed in parallel. All customers can connect to the residential interface by invitation of the admin, so only those who are entitled to do so will have access to the external system of the energy community.

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Asset and contract management

All elements of paper-based contracts will be recorded, so that data can be easily updated, modified and searched. In addition to reading out the data of the assets, it is possible to add new assets to the system or to remove existing assets from the system, assigning them to contracts.

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Set dynamic pricing

Ederena’s system is capable of incorporating a unique pricing logic and calculating the fees to be charged for the use of the electricity generated. The system also provides the possibility to set prices for working days and public holidays.

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Logging events

The management interface logs all events in the system in real time, making it quicker and easier to identify possible errors. The feature increases user security and trust in the service provider.

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For residential and business customers, bills can be sent automatically and electronically, allowing the user to settle their debts for the given energy consumption with a single click on the customer portal. The admin interface allows administrators to monitor the status of the invoices, or to record a cash payment or perform a manual cancellation.

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Production and consumption reports

Ederena generates detailed graphical reports on expected and actual production, residential or business consumption, so the operator always has up-to-date information on the energy demand of the energy community and the level of production compared to it.Reports can be filtered by customer, contract and device, and can be set to daily, monthly and annual views.

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Price prediction

In the management interface, you can view the day’s minimum, maximum and average price forecasts in both graphical and tabular view, and also forecast them for the following day using Ederena

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Host in the cloud or on-premises

Grape’s system allows you to run Ederena in your private environment or in the cloud. Some companies do not wish to transmit valuable asset data over a public cloud for security reasons, so they choose the on-premises option.

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Machine Learning

The solution is enhanced with a learning algorithm that studies the consumption patterns of the community to ensure optimal operation and long lifetime of the energy storage. The platform has a wide range of IoT features, such as automatic indication of equipments, setting automated alarms or generating reports on production and consumption. 

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Client platform for community members

  • Dashboard
  • Track own devices
  • Automatic invoicing
  • Production and consumption reports
  • Price forecast
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