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It’s never been easier to get a broad view of the information of implemented devices. The platform enables better monitoring and decision-making for various business cases, such as smart cities, agriculture, fleet, smart buildings, energy, utilities, retail and so much more. 

Grape IoT platform supports classic communication protocols like MQTT, REST and industrial like Modbus which makes Grape IoT platform easy to integrate with wide variety of devices. Built on microservices architectures the system provides high scalability both horizontally and vertically, forming a private cloud as well as providing on-premise operation. 

Add any type of IoT devices to the platform

Grape IoT platform enables companies to monitor, control, diagnose and troubleshoot any kind of brand independent IoT devices in the system. Devices can be added into device groups to create custom rules for all by one click. The system supports lightweight IoT protocols for device connection, like MQTT. 

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Manage integrated devices remotely

The platform helps organizations to monitor and remotely manage internet-enabled devices at scale, such as real-time device registration and activation, device authentication, device configuration, device monitoring and setting predictive maintenance. Users can set up e-mail notifications to receive every information of the devices real-time.

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Track your devices geographically

Grape IoT platform provides a map view for every device to geographically locate them and track the activity of each connected IoT device. Sensor data visualization gives an overview of individual and group device locations as the system transfers all readings from sensors to the map in real-time. 

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Set up rules for your IoT devices

The system helps IoT managers to send commands directly - defined by a set of rules of any complexity - to implemented devices. With custom automation, Grape’s IoT platform significantly reduces operating expenditures, improves the quality of operations, and enables a self-managed IoT ecosystem in the organization. It’s always up to the operators which tasks they would like to create an automation for, to track the performance of the rule, end-users can set up notifications to receive data on time.

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Create notifications

Custom alarms provide real-time insights of the connected devices. Notifications help the operators when a device is out-of-work, when intervention is needed, thus minimizing the damage occurring in the device and the operation. Wide variety of warnings can be built-into the platform, based on the operators’ need. Creating alerts for IoT devices are crucial to know our IoT ecosystem is performing well.

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View live statistics on analytics dashboard

Grape IoT platform analytics provide everything you need to know via its custom dashboard to get a deep understanding and intelligence of the arriving IoT device data. All information is available in the map view as well, to receive analytics geographically based on a single device or device group. 

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Integrate your partners’ devices

The IoT platform includes a partner management system that provides a flexible API to prospective partners’ existing systems. The system creates a common platform, making it easy to connect partners’ devices easily, and interact securely with them.


Supporting microservice architecture

All modules can be independently tested and maintained, enabling the design of a system where new features can be rapidly and frequently tested. Technology independence allows the replacement of applied technologies in each module at low cost in response to changing trends, needs, and provides complete technological flexibility when creating new modules.


On-premise installation possibility

Grape’s IoT system enables organizations to manage their IoT platform in their private network. Some companies are unable to transmit valuable data through public cloud due to security concerns, on-premise IoT platform is a great opportunity to integrate IoT devices quickly and efficiently.

What's more

  • The most comprehensive user interface for every industry 
  • Ready to use solution with pre-configurations 
  • Open and flexible, cost-efficient system for operators 
  • High availability and reliability 
  • Advanced analytics with Power BI 
  • Providing secure access management 
  • “Pay as you grow” pricing 
  • Ongoing support for operators based on pricing 
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Scale the platform as you need to

Grape’s IoT platform provides custom solutions to scale your business when you need to.