Grape Optima - Marketing Automation

Custom solutions for your enterprise marketing needs

Features & Solutions

Enabling a seamless customer segmentation experience with omnichannel capabilities.

  • High Security - On prem
  • Omnichannel
  • Campaign Management
  • AD & Standalone User management
  • Data Analytics / Power BI
  • Template Editor
  • Strong UX / User Friendly
  • Event based automation
  • GDPR compliance
  • Vouchers & Discounts
Grape Optima - Marketing automation

Custom modules Tailored to Specific Business Needs


Target Group Definition

Visual interface for creating and managing target groups easily, based on any customer data or affinity. Capable of handling several types and levels of client databases. Integration with various 3rd party software. Target all your customers in one place.


Campaign Builder

Campaign setup & content creation

Wizard for creating campaigns, based on any customer data or affinity. Built-in HTML editor with drag & drop capability provides instant content creation and personalization. Build your campaigns smoothly using the campaign workflow editor. 

Single Campaign - Details Page (Email) - Settings


  • Dashboard for reporting
  • Historical customer data management
  • Email/text messages tracking and analysis
  • Campaign analytics
  • Forecasting based on campaign performance  
  • A/B testing 
Scoring table - List

Cloud & On-prem Operation

Compliance with

  • Legal
  • Data security
  • IT security
legal, data and it security

Grape Optima Raisin' your business

Marketing automation can supply useful content that develops trust in and respect for the brand, educating potential customers about its services and helping them to decrease churn rates.

The business can use automation to reach out with targeted messaging specifically tailored to those groups most likely both to respond and to benefit the business, once prospects narrowed down the types of products they’re interested in,

All activity is tracked via the Grape Optima indicates a more focused interest, a qualified, comprehensive and well-understood lead can be forwarded to the sales team.

marketing automation

Fully customizable, comprehensive and highly flexible marketing automation solution tailored to your needs

customized software development


Custom development tailored to customer needs enable the best user experience and ensure customer data safety.

highly scalable software solution

Completely Scalable

Cutting edge tech stack for better scalability, easy to use, and secure applications.

Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Digitize all aspects of your business to enhance performance and profitability while improving customer retention and preference through personalized event-driven customer communication and automated backoffice operations.

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