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Error reporting

The system's admin error report view displays all the information related to the problem encountered, from the person who reported the issue to the work case information performed. The service provider can choose from a predefined set of work items that will help the organization to solve the problem in a structured way. The platform displays the reported error's status and information about a task to be performed or a completed report. The administrator also has the possibility to assign another work case to the error in addition to the existing ones.  

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Create error types

Only service administrators have the right to add a new error type; the system helps to avoid unstructured data entry and the recording of ambiguous wording. To create an error type, it is mandatory to define the importance of the error, for which the service provider establishes the scale system. Work cases can also be assigned to the error type to help troubleshooters solve the problem. A work case can be created after the fault type has been recorded so that the contractor can do the same during the physical troubleshooting.  

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Add subcontractors

The admin platform allows you to add a new subcontractor or modify existing data. When adding a new company, it is recommended that you fill in all the essential company details to ensure smooth administration. Contact persons with names and contact details can be assigned to companies. The service provider's administrator can send an invitation to the contact person of the enterprise to assign additional actors to the error ticket. The company's record sheet can also be used to view previous work cases, giving the service provider a complex picture of the company's performance. In each case, the service provider can only see the work cases or uploaded documents assigned to it. 

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Subcontractor management of labour matters

The subcontractor can save the troubleshooters they have assigned to the job in a separate interface, and they can also monitor them on the platform. In the home page view, the technicians can organise their respective trouble tickets in chronological order, based on a predefined priority and optimal repair time. The main page fault list can be sorted dynamically, with filtering criteria based on demand. The interface also highlights in a different colour the error tickets that are due to expire soon, as well as the deferred cases. Errors can be sorted into groups based on specific logical parameters.  

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Track inventory

The system provides a dynamic way to capture the tools needed for troubleshooting. The devices can only be recorded by the administrator of the service provider and are then assigned by the technician to the work case. Admins can also add devices to groups, or the user can search by barcode.  

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