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Grape Solutions’ electric vehicle charging application, Montu is a white-label electric mobility development that fulfils the needs deriving from drivers’ and service operators’ side by providing a complex solution for electric charging management.

Montu ensures a full-stack solution for building managers and CPOs to manage all charging in one place and receive all data live for predictive analytics.  

The eMobility Service Provider system is ready to be implemented with cloud-based backend and mobile applications for Android and iOS, which can be integrated with other necessary services like a Payment or Billing system. 

The mobile application developed for MVM Mobiliti received the “Application of the year” award in 2020. 

Our custom software development service ensures CPOs to integrate additional features for EV drivers, such as on-street parking, tolling or other mobility tools. Montu is also available to implement on unique interfaces, like smartwatches.

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Isometric - Platform

Platforms for drivers and service operators

Montu is a comprehensive solution for electric car drivers and charging point operators, ensuring iOS/Android mobile app for users and web application for service managers.

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Integrated payment and Invoicing 

Custom invoicing details based on local expectations. You can implement any payment service provider and payment, invoicing services to your mobility app for easy electric charging transactions.

Isometric - Integration

Add custom integrations

Make the most out of your application with custom services. Add toll, off and on-street parking or additional mobility tools to provide your users an all-in-one app for smooth driving.


for drivers

Montu is a comprehensive solution for electric car drivers and charging point operators, ensuring a white-label iOS/Android mobile app.

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for service operators

Grape Solutions has developed a complex management platform that covers all the necessary information needed for seamless operations. The robust software keeps operators informed on time and receives all issues or feedbacks deriving from the drivers’ side.

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The Mobiliti integrated e-charging solution includes the entire network of electric car charging stations in Hungary. Its database is detailed, up-to-date and constantly updated. It can be used without an internet connection after downloading the current database version. The community-based rating system allows users to share their station experiences immediately.

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Chief Technology Officer

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